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Welcome to our website!

On these pages you can get information about our work (spinning and metal working), about the products we make and about our metal-works. You can also find information to contact us. We are never late and always adjusting to your needs. Put us to the test!

Tibor Galló | owner | master spinner

Metal spinning

Metal spinning is a process, which allows of the production of various rotationally symmetrical objects using different materials and different sizes. The classic advantages are the lighter weight and the ability to manufacture economically both single items or prototypes as well as medium or large series.


Our Products

Our products are mainly made by classic (manual) metal-spinning technology
We also accept the complete making of objects which are partly made by metal-spinning technology.
We create made-to-order metal-spinning models.

Basic Materials Used in Our Products

brass and copper zinc
aluminium stainless steel
iron precious metals (silver, platinum)

Our Products

hun ust 20091025 001w
hun ust 20091025 002w
hun ust 20091025 003w
hun ust 20091025 005w
kandelaber bura francia 2
kandelaber bura francia 3
termek 001b
termek 002a-csatornas rezkupola
termek 002b-csatornas rezkupola
termek 002c-csatornas rezkupola
termek 003a-csillar
termek 003b-csillar
termek 004b
termek 004c
termek 004d
termek 005b
termek 006a-ezust kancso
termek 007a-kandelaber
termek egyetemi megrendeles 1
termek egyetemi megrendeles 2


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